Racing 101 for all

Here’s a lovely utube piece for both the advanced rider AND his girlfriend from the wonderful Motorsport Retro site.

It’s a late 80’s piece with a hint of BBC about it, that examines road racing from day one – at least as much examining as can be done in 30 minutes for an entire 100 years –  to the late 80’s 500s.

Covered are all wot makes a racebike in a very basic sense – brakes, slicks, frame, two/four strokes, aeros, fuel (for noobs), leavened lightly with old GP footage and cool bikes – the NR500 with the tank under the engine (for the terminally afflicted).

It’s in three 10 minute pieces so go get a cup of tea or calming malted first.  Costuming such as flares and ‘tache is up to the individual.


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